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614 Elm Street, Portland, TX, 78374, US

Phone: (361) 343-3430


Charlie Whatley has been in the Swimming Pool Industry for over 23 years. Charlie has worked on pools in the San Antonio, Dallas, and the Coastal Bend region and is a Certified Pool Operater through the National Pool and Spa Foundation. He has worked with large award-winning swimming pool projects throughout Texas and we began building in Coastal Bend in 2017. He was quality control and logistics for large Pool Builders such as River Oaks and AquaTerra Outdoor Environments. Charlie is married to Catherine Whatley, who is the co-owner and construction supervisor of A Better Pool and Outdoor Living.


— Mady W.

— T. Donaty

— Zac F.

— Ryan W.

Beautiful blue pools by design. Very cool and unique

— Carol G.

Great prices and great service!

— Sharon S.

Highly recommend for service or redesign. Easy terms and great prices.

— Ryan P.

— Eve A.

Very professional company and pretty pools.

— Grace F.

— Sheila D.

— Sammy

— Hector

— Vince S.

Best around. 5 *****

— Betty C.

Healthy and happy. Pools are great for exercise and the mind.

— Mia W.

This is the best company for serious customers. Great experience

— Tina A.

— Geraldo G.

— Milton

— Starla Z.

— Sylvia

All the best of pools companies 5 stars

— Jen

— Fanny K.


— Javier V.

Beautifully done and professionally done.

— David T.

— Diana

— Benny J.

— Nelly W.

— Stephan

— Victor F.

Honestly the best ever

— Tammy F.

I will use again.

— Andy K.

Careful maintenance and excellent customer service. Their phone is always on.

— Josh

Really the better pool company

— Jessica

Leaving positive feedback is easy with this company

— Annette

— Isis

Pool never better now. Thank you Better pool co.

— Susan

Thank you for everything you do for our community and pools

— Jill B.

Long time company with real results. Highly recommend

— Joseph

A+ work

— Bryan

Serious about their commitment. Highly recommend

— Ray

— Stanley

— Astor

— Emma

Clear pool
Again thanks again

— Phillip S

Very beautiful work. 5 stars!! Look at their portfolio not the anonymous reviews by the same person over and over who incidentally owes them 10s of thousands of dollars. People will do anything to get out of a bill. I bet you eat most of your meal before sending it back type of person, Karen. The same type of person who runs up a debt then bails on the cc company, while making it harder on the rest of us that paid our bills. Those few people who are truly the scammers are anonymously trying to bolster their case to get out of the bill or to get out of being sued for non payment and or breach of a contract. People like you should be ashamed, the person with a mugshot yourself are part of the lunatic fringe of dead beat bandwagoners that seek to wreck someone else’s reputation just to feel better about their own sad and pathetic life. Posers pretending to be something they’re not have to resort to these tactics to look like they can afford what they want. If you can’t afford your bills then don’t commit to buying it, blackeye.

— EamerL. That paid our bills and is watching with popcorn

I’m here. I’m real. I can say 5 stars. I too know this company personally and the positive ratings well deserved. Upstanding company that employs many hard working individuals that rely on them for work. The real backbone of our economy are the small businesses that can give someone a job. Let freedom ring.

— Mel K.

— Dawn L.

Excellent work ! Highly recommend. The photos speak for themselves. And very reasonable rates. If you’re looking for quality work, I recommend them.

— Ann S.

Great cleaning company. Always on time and always willing to help more than they were asked. Great staff ! Fast response

— Ray P.

Great quality work. Wish I could leave extra stars.

— Diamond C.

— Lisa Q.

Of the negative reviews by the Kook who thinks readers won’t realize you are the same person over and over leaving negative reviews, you are the only complainer. That’s why you have to resort to repeating yourself. This company has been in business and building thousands of pools longer than you’ve been here. You can’t just move here to escape your troubles and try to scam your way into a free pool. No one believes your lies other than you and your sheep friends who obviously don’t know your background or your snake oil spouses problems. Good luck hiding that when the hammer drops.

— Stan T.


— Remmy G.

— Excellent

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